We, the partners of F.lli Vecchi snc

We, the partners of F.lli Vecchi snc

Who we are

Our company has been producing stainless steel pipe fittings since 1983 for various industries in the food, wine, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical and gas sectors.

The quality of our products is guaranteed both by the quality certification of the raw material and by the machining carried out on special machines of our own design, which ensure uniform weld penetration and verticality of our pieces. Apart from supplying standard pipe fittings, we also produce items made to customer’s specification drawings.

Fratelli Vecchi today is even Green

We are very sensitive to the ecological issue. This is why we have taken a step forward to be more Green. We are now equipped with photovoltaic panels to be able to independently produce part of the energy we need.

Stainless steel fittings catalogues

View catalogues of our stainless steel fittings, SMS, DIN and ISO types with details of dimensions, measurements and drawings.